Interior renovation including kitchen, bathroom, and exterior upgrades.

This 1960s home was modern but dark. The owners desired light-filled spaces and an openness that a renovation could bring. The design created light-filled spaces, modern amenities. The scope of work included a new kitchen with a connection to the living room, new exterior deck with accessible entry, new handrails, new entry approach and porch for better safety and graciousness, new master bathroom outfitted for accessibility, new studio space, realignment of the circulation and hallway, and strategic placement of relocated and new windows and doors.

The transformation of the space has made a word of difference in how we use the house. We come being connected to all areas of the house and outside when we cook. The big changes are obvious, but Doreen, our architect, also made small changes that paid enormous dividends in our enjoyment of the space: French doors to our screen porch [where there only was a single solid door], relocation of windows, addition of windows to the screen porch area and our bedroom.

Our mid-century modern home is now a 21st century modern home.

From the Homeowners
LocationDuke Forest, Durham NC