Interior renovation to the City Hall Complex, a hub of municipal government with a budget of $380 million and serving 250,000 citizens.

Total employees relocated: 220 employees  

Construction Schedule: 14 months in 6 major phases on five levels in two buildings 


  1. Client departments required to be fully operational – A break in service delivery was not an option.  
  2. Moved project to more efficient phasing and identified off-site leased swing space combined with on-site swing space and up fit all swing spaces per client needs.  
  3. Phases were schedule critical and highly coordinated, generally 3-4 month in duration. 
  4. Highly political and visible project involving renovations of spaces within City Manager’s Office, Council and Mayor Offices and 10 other departments. 
  5. Took over a project at 98% CDs with insufficient funding and uncoordinated and outdated design.  
    • Analyzed funding and presented needs/options to City Manager 
    • Diligently tracked, evaluated and managed budget and potential change costs on weekly basis with continual last-minute requests for design changes and non-scope work. 
    • Performed overall project management with regard to lease, move coordination, and swing space up fits and detailed management of construction. 
ClientCity of Durham
Size97,000 SF
Cost$11.7 million (Design: $1.6 million, Construction $8.7 million)