What can an Owner's Rep do for you?

An Owner’s Rep can help organizations not experienced in design and construction make sure they get what they need for a fair price.

A professional Owner’s Rep will provide:


The Owner's Rep serves as a facilitator (and sometimes translator) with the owners, architect, and contractor to maintain the project's scope, budget, and schedule. Design and construction terminology can be complicated - an educated Owner's Rep simplifies the issues so that timely and informed decisions can be made.


Scope creep are added items during the process which add to the cost of a project. Scope creep is incredibly common and one of the most frequent reasons a project is over budget. An experienced Owner's Rep helps keep scope creep in check by constantly assessing changes and by managing the entire budget from design through construction.


You have a business to run and managing a construction project is not it. Delegating management of the design and construction to an experienced Owner's Rep gives you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on your core business. As part of your team, the Rep will manage the details and coordinate efforts of the design and construction with your input at regular and key intervals.

project completion

Unfortunately, projects are usually not finished once you've moved in. There's still a punchlist, owner's manuals, final payments, and up-fitting of the space with equipment. An Owner's Rep is there to ease these final transitions and make sure all equipment and documentation has been received, all lien wavers and warranties are in place, and the work is truly complete